Locksmith Mike's How to Avoid a Home Lockout

How to Avoid a Lockout

Here’s some of Locksmith Mike’s best advice to consumers for how to avoid a lockout situation, which can easily become quite costly, depending on the time, location and particular situation.

Check out these tips to save yourself from the frustration of a home lockout: 

Hide a key somewhere around the outside of the house.

Exercise extreme caution when with this option. Ff a intruder finds it, they’ll have little trouble making entry.

Some locksmiths recommend placing the key in a plastic container and burying it under a rock or other object in the yard where it will be unlikely to be found.

Give an extra house or car key to someone nearby whom you trust.

Giving a key to a reliable friends, family member or neighbor can be a lifesaver in a pinch.

Make a spare key and hide it in your wallet or purse.

Hopefully, you won’t be unfortunate enough to be without both your keys and your purse or wallet.

If you find yourself frequently locked out of your home, consider installing a digital keypad door knob system.

Using a push-button interface, you can simply enter your personal code to unlock the door.

But be careful with those numbers, your home’s security is only as trustworthy as the people who know your access code.


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